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WORD OF THE WEEK! We are a multicultural & multilingual workplace. So far we have had 18 different languages from 14 different countries. Every week we learn a random new word from one another. Last week's word was 🏳◻▫️"WHITE" ◽⬜⚪#India #germany #columbia #korea #srilanka #vietnam #japan #brazil #ghana #china #papuanewguinea #pakistan #iraq #iran #WHITE #language #multicultural #countries #queensland #australia #multilingual ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Professional Services Collective Co-op Ltd

Today is International Mother Language Day, celebrating linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. Do you have a favorite proverb in your mother tongue?
Learn more: #IMLD
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1 day ago
Just out in @ConversationEDU Prof Rita Wilson & colleagues write 'Language has become a tool for social exclusion'..."Language skills are critically important for engagement with a host society and lacking those skills can be an insurmountable barrier..."
1 day ago
Today is @UN #InternationalMotherLanguageDay. The day recognises the importance of different languages and cultures and aims to preserve them. Qld’s linguistic diversity includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and languages from all over the world. psccoop photo
4 days ago
Nearly 44% of adults aged 18-64 described their day at work as mostly sitting , 23% described their day as mostly walking, 19% as mostly standing and 14% as mostly heavy labour or physically demanding work. Which are you? psccoop photo
2 weeks ago
The first national study of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds finds that despite facing multiple challenges, many feel a strong sense of belonging to the Australian community.