Welcome to YOUR NUDE LUNCH 2020!

COVID-19 had other plans for our annual NUDE LUNCH event this year, but not even a pandemic can stop us… The Nude Lunch is going NATIONAL!

On Saturday the 10th of October, the Nude Lunch will be hosting a FREE Facebook LIVE event ACROSS the Nation! The safety of our attendees is important to us, so we have created this event for our guests to get involved while abiding by social distancing guidelines. This year’s Nude Lunch event is FREE to tune in & has UNLIMITED capacity. But that’s not all…

YOUR NUDE LUNCH is all about handing the creativity over to our attendees!

‘HOSTS’ will organise their very own event and put their own spin on the Nude Lunch while raising awareness for Ovarian Cancer – not a bad excuse to invite your favourite people over for a party, am I right?!

We’ll provide the entertainment, but YOUR guest list, YOUR location & YOUR event details are all up to you – The sky is the limit for YOUR NUDE LUNCH!

The afternoon will be filled with awesome speakers, incredible performances, and will even include some LIVE crosses to YOUR NUDE LUNCH events all over the nation! The event run-sheet will be released in-full very soon.

We have also partnered with some exciting businesses this year who have created a special Nude Lunch Charity Pack for purchase that will include a donation to the Nude Lunch! Stay Tuned…

The goal of the day remains the same – To spread awareness about Ovarian Cancer and to raise much needed funds for this important cause. Lock the 10th of October from 2pm AEST into your calendar NOW & start inviting your crew!

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