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We would like to take this opportunity to thank GMA Products for their generous ongoing support of our Non-Profit Organisation. 

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About GMA

GmaProducts provides an online service to its customers throughout Australia, for the benefit and joy of everyone who lives here in this great country.

Over the years we have traded under a number of platforms selling high quality and unique products to the public, everything from high-end giftware to collectible items, to luxury bath and beauty products, to the highly effective and powerful but beautiful hand sanitizer Kilcov range that protects your hands yet moisturizes them with a fresh and natural aroma.

It was not until we had the COVID outbreak that we took steps to consolidate all of our selling venues and combine all our efforts into one marketplace, GmaProducts, where we can put on show our top brands and show people how amazing we are with our excellent service, with really good prices and quick deliveries Australiawide.

Almost every single product that we sell has been fabricated here in Australia, and every new product automatically comes with a minimum of 12months warranty store-wide without exception, giving our customers peace of mind no matter what.

Kilcov Products

Hand Sanitiser with Gentle Boutique Pump is designed to be On The Go, with its perfect compact and yet plentiful size… it will fit in most handbags, and it will definitely fit in cars and SUVs.

Kilcov High-Quality Hand Sanitiser features the boutique gentle dispenser pump that’s great for use when holding the Kilcov Bottle in one hand and squirting it gently on the hands of others, or on your own hand. It is well suited for any desk and will dispense smaller amounts at a time, unlike its more powerful pumps in the other Kilcov range found here.


All Kilcov™ Hand Sanitisers are really handy and versatile, filled with Kicov’s potent 70+% Australian-Made Ethanol liquid formula, and comes ready to give plenty of immediate protection and eradication of bugs, while leaving your skin soft and velvety. Kilcov’s Secret Recipe is uplifting the spirits of the soul with its rich and fresh natural aromas that are unique to Kilcov. With a blend of Natural Botanicals, good alcohol, and quality glycerine your hands and skin will really appreciate the replenishing kindness of Kilcov™.

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